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    Shannox dies on a regular bassis cause he's a sissy and Krylon is an attention whore.

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    Baleroc, the Gate Keeper? He keeps this gate no more and Krylon is still in need of attention.

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    Lord Rhyolith was like a dog chasing his own tail and probably one of the easier bosses we have dealt with. We've also dealt with Krylon and gotten him an eHarmony account.

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    We also partied with the loots of Beth'tilac, but Krylon wasn't around for the kill (something about a date? we all think he's a liar), and so no screenshot.

    We have yet to douse the wings of the firebird Alysrazor, but it is a work in progress and we should have it in due time. Afterall, if NASCAR drivers can go in a circle, so can we. right?
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